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Who am I?


Hello and welcome to my personal site!

blog-page-quisuisje-valerieorsoniI am Valerie Orsoni a working mother who was once overweight and had battled with weight issues for many years. I have now decided to share my experience and my victories with other women whom, like I once was, would be at their wits end. After years of YoYo dieting, trying countless miracle diets that never kept the weight off, I finally decided that it was time to take charge. Assisted by experts and with the help of my father, a chef, I developed my own slimming method based on my desire for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and the resolution for a life devoid of frustration and deprivation. The LeBootCamp Diet was born. It combines nutrition, dietetics, fitness, psychology and lapse management.


My calling : slimming coach

My growing success led me to become a Hollywood celebrity personal coach and to be regularly invited to share my tips in mainstream media. But, coach is my true calling, whether I express it through my interviews, in my books, my video games or my online coaching website lebootcamp.com.

After publishing a dozen books in several languages, I have thoroughly reworked and renewed my method in my new book “LeBootcamp Diet: The Scientifically-Proven French Method to Eat Well, Lose Weight, and Keep it Off For Good” at Berkley Hardcover.


My passion: discover and popularise new wellness foods

Of Corsican ancestry, I have now spent many years in California in the heart of the Silicon Valley at the forefront of its innovative health, nutritional and wellness trends. I am regular guest speaker at conferences on themes such as nutrition or obesity at universities such as Stanford.

My method is in constant evolution incorporating the latest trends, discoveries, medical and scientific fitness or nutrition studies. I can thus indulge in one of my dearest passions: the discovery of innovative forms of consumption or new wellness and weight loss foods such as buckwheat, goji berries, or chia seeds just to name a few.


blog-page-quisuisje-sobachalebootcampMy wellbeing and slimming product range: VO Lifestyle

In 2014, I launched my own health food brand, VO Lifestyle. Innovative and effective, those dietary products are a true reflection of my values and nutritional beliefs. With VO Lifestyle my team and I have developed the first Sobacha based food supplement range. A genuine innovation I am particularly proud of. You can discover my products in my dedicated webshop VOLifestyle.com.